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Information for Employers
Learn more about our programs, and find out how your role as an employer has evolved.
Big News!

As of 5/15/19, you are no longer required to complete online statements for your employees, but your role as a reliable resource is now more important to us than ever!


Year-End Tax Statements

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common employer questions about both our programs.


Debit Card Information

We issue benefits to your employees on a convenient prepaid Bank of America debit card.


Employer Handbook

Access our comprehensive guide for employer information about all Department of Labor programs.


Form Lookup

Not sure why we sent you something in the mail? Get information about the forms and notices we send.


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The Notice of Disability Benefits Charged or Credited

Learn how to keep track of the benefits your employees' receive and how the benefits impact your disability experience rating account. 

learn more about how to read the disability benefits charged noticeLEARN MORE >

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How to Submit Wage Information

In the event we cannot approve a claim based on your employee's statement and their reported earnings, we may request information from you in the mail. Learn what to expect and how to get your employee's information submitted promptly.